To positively touch and make an impact in the lives of one billion human beings by 2030

  • When we tell people about our vision, most of the time, we get a reaction of shock...and we understand this too. We believe the work we do is not our work, and we are merely instruments to deliver the work. A pipe carrying water cannot claim to be the owner of the water; it’s merely a medium to deliver the water. In the same way, we are just vessels and instruments to deliver the information, knowledge, and wisdom which we have been able to access from the infinite reservoir of the universe. There is an infinite intelligence which guides and makes things happen without which the creation or existence will not exist.
  • The vision we plan to fulfil is through touching lives directly and indirectly. Directly, we run workshops and training programs, conducted in companies, colleges, schools, and open public forums. Apart from this we also plan to present our modules and concepts on a larger scale through books, videos, audios, and new technologies.
  • Indirectly, we also plan to empanel different trainers and coaches across the world, who will conduct these programs and trainings. The idea is to create a ripple effect. We may not reach everyone but every individual reached by us can further reach 10 persons and those 10 can reach out to 100 and those 100 to 1000s and so on.
  •   Without a vision, man remains a mortal being of flesh, bones and blood but with a powerful vision, he becomes the unstoppable force of nature, against which no earthly force is of slightest significance.

  •   The significance of a man is not in what he attains, but in what he longs to attain

    - Khalil Gibran

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