•   "Whatever you taught, practices like law of attraction, power of subconscious mind these are the techniques which helped me in achieving my objective. Even two years ago I was totally unaware what would be my life but really thanks to you only sir for removing all the blindness in front of my eyes and today I am something because of you and these practices"

    - Manoj Gupta, Cholamandalam Finances
  •   "Avinash sir is the person, who introduced me with the concept of Law of attraction. He always said one thing: The Mind cannot understand what is the difference between Reality and Imagination. Everything happen Twice, once in a Mind and other one is in Reality. Now, I am a true believer of Power of Subconscious mind and following it religiously in my daily course of action. I am also practicing Meditation method taught by him and life has changed since then. A Quote which he has given to me – “The game is not over, until I win.”

    - Amita Jain, Transparent Value Ltd
  •   "Avinash sir has a strong positive energy system around him which is so infectious and encouraging. He has the ability to roll out the best performance from even average students like me. His mere presence in our lives gives a feeling of having support and strength. Lucky shall be those who get to be a part of his seless training and mentorship!!!"

    - Mrinal Bhat, Shopper Stop
  •   "I still remember the day I was all lost in a situation and then approached you. The ten minute process that you did with me, not only helped me to calm down but also resulted in fullling the task. And from then on my trust and faith in your process doubled. Till today, I use them and have been successful in achieving all that I desired."

    - Nikita Kumar, Employer Federation of India
  •   "This training program is really useful. As it will give you the instinct of reality. Every person has power within himself there is just need of knowing it. Just you have to elaborate power within you with right guidance .As we are just the few who believe that we are something and I feel privileged to be part of it .The only benet I have got from it is I have become a sprinter of life and every hurdle give me power to jump high"

    - Lavdeep Singh, Aditya Birla
  •   "You meet some strange person in your journey of life who makes an impact for the lifetime. They teach you such things which are useful at every step of life. Something similar to this, you taught me. The way to apply the Secret and made me realize the power of my mind. Journey of life has been beautiful since then. My job is Dubai, My salary expectation and a lot more things I achieved through applying the secret. It wouldn't be possible if Mr. Avinash Anand Singh wouldn't have taught me this art. Thanks a ton to you."

    - Ananya Dubey, Multinational rm in Dubai
  •   "It was the most amazing experience to work with you. You have been a great source of strength and knowledge for me . I had the potential to achieve my goals but your constant guidance was what made me realize my potential and tap it as well. Thank you for introducing me to the wonderful concepts of the mind"

    - Manavi Joshi, TCS
  •   "It was a wonderful experience working with you guys. Till date I follow and believe in the nature’s law, that is “Giving is Receiving” and by practicing it I have achieved tremendous success both personally and professionally. Most important the introduction to the concept of subconscious mind is helping me to come close to my purpose."

    - Abhishek Sood, Crisil Ltd
  •   I am happy to write a recommendation for Avinash!

    - Marshall Goldsmith, Top Ten Most-Influential Business Thinkers in the World
  •   Helpful and eye-opening experience fully, filled with ultimate new learning’s. Feeling blessed to attend it. Looking for more to attend

    – Naman Goyal, Pioneer Electro Clampings
  •   It was Great experience i had while attending this workshop, it has given me inner peace, and tried to connect with my own self. Workshop was completely about to connect with your soul, i learned from this workshop, that we human being just by getting attached with materialistic world disturb our inner peace, and how our negative thoughts affects our life. You were amazing while delivering whole workshop, your presentation was excellent ,you were ready with almost all the answers coming around the people who ever having doubts about anything. You made us learn how to do Mediation, to meet our soul our real strength, to detach our-self from our body, and made us aware about reality that we are not Body, We Are Soul. The book you have provided of the masters it was amazing, gone through it; it gives deeper knowledge about self mastery and self analyzing facts. I learned from you how our positive and negative energies affect our body, mind, the power of conscious and subconscious mind, how much affects our heath, wealth, prosperity, relationship, everything in our life. The power of positive thinking can change our life i have learned from this workshop it was an amazing experience to attend your workshop, i was a completely different person after two days of this sessions, who being a great speaker and good presenter, made this workshop successful. Will definitely want to attend always this type of sessions again and again by you.

    - Tejal Jain, Learning & Development Professional
  •   The workshop I attended of yours has really benefitted me a lot. I have become more positive and patient towards my work and life. Your workshop has given me a new experience to see life as more happy and fruitful. Now I am more clam person and see things in a very positive manner. In future definitely I look forward to attend more of your workshops. Thank you so much

    – Ashish Mishra
  •   This session was really interesting for me. I got to learn certain things. I left my past completely due to the activities in the session. I got my happiness, self belief. My mind, body is feeling free. I am confidence & happy where I used to be very sad & silent all the time due to my past. I got to know the things i can change & make miracle from it.

    - Ashvini Karande
  •   This workshop is totally life changing for me. I learn how much important to believed on your own self & what will happen once you understand & believing on your own power. Thanks for teaching how to remove a negative energies, which is most important for me in my life.

    - Waseem Khan
  •   This was one of the best workshops I have ever attended. Every belief backed up by examples which made it very easy to understand. In past, I have had heard many things about mind activities, removing negative thoughts out but nothing was of help personally. This session made me feel very light and i am all determined to achieve my goals. My dreams haves broadened up. Thank you for making us realizes our potential and power to achieve things. You have helped me to focus and disconnect from the confusions in my mind.

    - Shreya
  •   The workshop was really extraordinary for me because it taught me the value of life & how to live life. I don’t know what is good or bad now - now only know the things which take me towards my goal & career.

    - Anuj Verma
  •   This is the best workshop I have ever attended. It has actually changed my way of thinking. Now I can live my life better & positively. Thank you and I am grateful to you for giving an opportunity to learn from you.

    – Vibha
  •   The session of Avinash sir really helped me in my personal life and also related to future perspective. To tell you frankly, I am really going through lots of stress and I was unhappy in my life. But on the first day of our session, I made a promise to God, myself and my parents - that which are the negative areas i will remove in my life

    – Name not disclosed
  •   The session was not an ordinary session but something which made us realized what is already within us - we just have to work on our self.

    - Vinay Verma
  •   Your session was amazing, it got me connected to my goals, I always wanted to achieve in my life and the belief thing you spoke about is really working out with me very well.

    - Attley Klien

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