Core Team

Avinash Anand Singh

REX Karamveer Global Fellow

(A fellowship given by CtrlS, iCONGO, VSO and Karmaveer Chakra, Instituted in partnership with the United Nations)
Post Graduate in Leadership Development, with a core experience of 5 years in working with young graduates and professionals in helping them to achieve meaningful change in their lives. Under the guidance of his Mentor Prof. M.S. Pillai (Former Founding Director of SCMHRD and Founder of SCMLD) he has worked rigorously in understanding human beings and the factors which influences their behaviours.
He is also a practicing Certified NLP trainer, Associate Leadership Coach, Law of Attraction trainer, Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapist, Advance Pranic Healer, Psychotherapist and a student with keen interest in Quantum Physics, Neuro-plasticity, Cellular Biology, Brain & Mind Sciences, Energy Science, ancient powerful & rare meditation techniques. Apart from the above he is also a practicing Arhatic Yogi, which is a synthesis of various yogic techniques, including powerful meditations and energy-generating physical and breathing exercises, integrated into a step-by-step system that rapidly and safely accelerates the spiritual development of the practitioner.
A proud failed student. He failed in so many things in life and probably would have made a world record if would have tracked those. Goofed up in so many things he did, people laughed around, passed comments. But one day all these failures got changed in timeless learning and wisdom for him. He is an inspiring individual who aspires to change the way one looks and derive positive meaning out of situations, circumstances & problems in life. He spends most of his time either delivering his uniquely crafted, life transforming training programs or in coaching people one to one on various areas to get breakthrough in life. 
His purpose is – “To help people connect to their Inner Genius”

He also writes articles in the area of Motivation, Connecting Science & Spirituality, Self Help, Personal Development, HR and Leadership in various magazines including one of the India’s leading HR e-magazine Ekkakshara, and for few magazines in Pune.

He is also involved in following social organization’s which are bringing change in the country.
- Hope for Children Foundation
- Beyond Sight Foundation
- Maher
- Touching Lives Being You Foundation
- International Confederation of NGOS (ICONGO)

His core passion is to uncover the power, human beings are born with and from last 6-8 years he is relentlessly researching and following the scientific discoveries and miraculous cases of transformation and change. Till now he has worked with around 1200+ individuals and have got amazing results of change and success.

He intent to touch the lives of one billion people directly and indirectly, in the course of his time spent on earth.  

Om Shankar Maurya

Post graduate in Leadership Development from SCMLD, has a diversified experience in education sector. Has worked under the mentorship of Prof. M.S. Pillai (Former Founding Director of SCMHRD and Founder of SCMLD) while pursuing Post Graduate. He holds 3 years of experience in Daksha Skill Development Pvt. Ltd. worked only in education sector as a service provider and trainer (for Management students). He has managed / led around 300 people and handled the branding and admissions of SCMLD for 4 years. During this process he has traveled 80+ cities in India and established personal connect to 150+ institutes in India.

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