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Content of the coaching program
This framework is specially designed and carefully crafted with a deep scientific knowledge and understanding of Quantum Physics, Brain Sciences, Neuro – plasticity, Neuro-linguistic tools (NLP), Clinical Hypnotherapy and from the vast infinite reservoir of spiritual wisdom and yogic tools and techniques. The framework encompasses deep understanding of the body, mind and spirit and aims to achieve change, transformation, and radical results with the deep integration of the above.

Some of the tools and techniques used in the sessions are Psycho Cybernetics tools, Neuro-linguistic tools to identify hidden subconscious beliefs and patterns, Holographic tools, Mindfulness, Silva mind control methods, Powerful yogic techniques of changing pattern, gaining control over our body and mind, Alpha mind programming, Creative visualizations, Cutting-edge brain research and many more.
Time duration
This is a very comprehensive tool designed to bring a concrete lasting change at the deepest level of spirit, mind and body. This program lasts over a period of 3-4 months and includes 14-18 sessions in total. A total of 25-30 hours of one-on-one interventions.
This is primarily an one-on-one intervention. Anyone who feels stuck, entangled, operating at very low efficiency levels, unable to tap their full potential, can benefit massively from this coaching tool. It will be a complete transformation at a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Mostly the sessions require face-to-face meetings and few sessions are done over skype/ hangout, calls, chats etc. It’s primarily a handheld program to make one understand, discover, and unleash what is truly inside them. The real potential remains hidden and unknown in most of us, and as a result we end up living a life of pain, mediocrity, sadness, frustrations etc.

Out of the four major areas of life, namely wealth/money, health (physical, emotional, mental & spiritual), relationship (with yourself & your loved ones) and work / career, we choose and work on one or two of these areas. This is mainly to move from the current state which may not be what we want in our life, to the desired state, the ultimate reality we wish to have.

The Real, Infinite, ICONIC You (Future Reality)

10.leveraging impeccable universal laws
9.installing success rituals
8.integrating body, mind & soul
7.developing incredible habits
6.identifying self sabotaging habits
5.building impactful action plan
4.creating inspiring vision & compelling goals
3.incorporating empowering beliefs
2.investigating and uncovering limitations
1.discovering true, infinite self

Current Reality (Limiting, stuck self)

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