Life Mastery’ Open Programs

  • Self Mastery

Objective & Mission of the program
"To help you connect with your Inner Genius to Manifest your Greatness"
One of the strongest, core beliefs, which we operate from, is that everyone, no matter what situation we are in, or what is our past or what we have done, has a “Genius” within. This genius is not merely a fictitious character or some kind of motivational concept . This is the most fundamental reality or truth one can ever come across. It is no wonder that someone with a little common sense, open mind and eyes can find this truth told by all the Great Teachers, Sages, Saints who visited this planet, across religion and time.

It has been our incessant quest and core purpose to help people connect to their “Inner Genius / True Self / Infinite Self”. We have been one pointedly working from last 6-7 years in finding ways to do this. In the process we have been very closely following the scientific discoveries and ground-breaking research in the areas of Quantum Physics, Brain, Mind, Heart Science, Neuro Plasticity, Cellular Biology, Energy Science and much more. But after studying all this, we can only touch the physical, visible self of human beings. But then that’s not what we truly are.

We are spiritual beings, consciousness in physical form, and this is the greatest truth of our existence. Hence, we started exploring the beautiful space of spirituality and authentic, pure teachings from the Great Teachers, with no blind beliefs but an open inquisitive, sagacious, discerning mind. To our amazement, we found there is a link in what our Great Teachers, Scriptures said thousands of years back and what Science is proving now. When we mention “Spirituality”, it’s not to be confused with religion. Spirituality is about finding one’s own truth, one’s own experience, having an open mind, using one’s own discernment and intelligent evaluation whereas religion confines to blind following , trusting what has been said by someone else.

So in short, we Study Science and Experience Spirituality and as a result, this program has taken birth. It will not be wrong, if we say, we are “Scientifically Spiritual and Spiritually Scientific”
The whole workshop remains fully experiential combined with stories, videos, anecdotes, experiments, practical and group exercises and much more
For the corporate world, the cost depends on the customization of the program. For public open workshops the program cost remains approximately INR 5000. There are discounts for students and unemployed people. Start-up firms, entrepreneurs can also seek special offers. For every workshop, we provide one entry fully free of cost based on management decision.
Two full days. 9.30 am – 6:00 pm both days.
If you have genuinely understood our concepts and applied them, we guarantee you that life shall never remain the same.
Experientially discover “who am I? What is my purpose here? Do I have a destiny or free will?”
Ancient yogic techniques for upgrading our brain power and synchronising the left and right hemisphere
Learn to tune to the frequency of ‘NOW’ to experience inner peace, calmness, and oneness
Understand chakras (human energy centres) and their role in every area of our life
Understand eternal universal laws, including “Law of Karma”, “Law of Creation” and other important laws
Powerful Mantras (words) and how to use them to transform various areas of our life
Three different kinds of powerful meditations including a very advanced energy meditation to activate our two most important energy centres
Learn simple energy tools and how to tap the frequency of ‘Unconditional love’ to rapidly improve the quality of your life and heal relationship, finances, health etc
Learn the deep spiritual (yogic) secrets of breathing and how it can reverse our complete bio-chemistry and transform our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health
Discover and tap the un-imaginable power of beliefs, thoughts, emotions and energies
Deeply understand and learn the process of tapping the power of the conscious and subconscious mind
Learn the hidden scientific process behind laws of attraction and manifestation
Learn powerful neuro-linguistic programming tools to break negative thought patterns, limiting beliefs, programming, conditioning, bad memories, troubled pasts, and to create extraordinary results by mastering and programming yourself for success
Learn amazing scientific developments in the field of neuro-plasticity, quantum physics, brain sciences, cellular biology and how these give us the power to transform our life completely
Learn the power everyone has to heal themselves of any disease using the power of mind and heart
Learn and master the art of “Creative & Emotion Infused Visualization” and how to frame goals in the language of the brain
Set life’s biggest goals in the workshop itself in a guided and supervised process, tapping alpha state of mind

The above is just a glimpse of the topics which will be covered in the sessions. The whole program remains experiential in nature and is a fine blend of Science and Spirituality. The concepts, powerful tools, and techniques, encompass the recent scientific development and priceless spiritual wisdom shared by Great Teachers and Masters



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  • Relationship Mastery

Objective and Mission of the program
To help you understand, discover and create and exceptional loving and blissful relationship
In this school of life, they say relationships become the most difficult exams to pass. At the same time, passing in this particular exam can also give us tremendous development and growth in our life. A lot of us take this exam without preparation, without knowing the syllabus, without knowing what the questions would be, without knowing the kind of answers to write, without learning tools, techniques and methods of solving problems. Hence such difficulties. This workshop aims to help you master your relationships, and create an excellent and beautiful journey with your partner. Nothing happens without reasons, but mostly we are not aware of them. Where there is currently pain, distrust, hate, anger, fight, jealousy, anxiety, sadness, frustrations, you can replace these with unconditional love, joy, bliss, peace, gratitude, happiness, understanding, sharing and caring.
The whole workshop remains fully experiential combined with stories, videos, anecdotes, experiments, practical and group exercises, and much more.
Will be informed before the workshop
One full day (9:30am – 6:30pm)
If you have been open minded, willing to learn, and implemented the teachings, we guarantee, you will get a new perspective and fresh life in your relationship.

Topics to be covered
Discover and understand your relationship with yourself
Identify the feeling of guilt, hate, low self-esteem, anger you have for yourself
Learn to accept, love, understand, appreciate yourself
Is your relationship with your partner merely a reflection of your relationship with yourself?
Can loving oneself deeply heal all the areas of life?
Discover and understand your relationship with nature / universe
What is your purpose here?
What is your role here?
How can connecting with nature help you heal your relationship?
Discover, understand and learn your relationship with your partner
Purpose of a relationship
Words which have soothing and calming effects on us and our relationship
Deep energetic interaction at physical, energetic, emotional, mental, spiritual level
Different key lessons to learn in a relationship
How to remain out of the ego trap
Learn to break the negative thought and emotional pattern in which the relationship is entangled
Come out of the prison of past issues and living in the “NOW”
Use the power of communication to nurture a relationship for it to blossom
Learn powerful meditation, tools, techniques and experience the process of healing a relationship
Practice session on different meditations, tools and techniques
Learn how to increase love in a relationship – uncover the “secret”
Remove resistance and friction at the deepest level
Learn ancient tools to change the “energy field” of your partner, relationship and your home to fill it with energies of love, peace, forgiveness, understanding joy, and happiness
Learn different scientific and ancient yogic tools and techniques to create an exceptional relationship
Learn to use the power of thoughts, emotions, and energy to sow love, faith, happiness, joy and trust
Learn to communicate by tapping the power of the heart and not the mind only
Learn the rule of “Magnifying FOCUS” – this is one thing which literally and deeply shapes your relationship
Learn the indisputable role of karma in your relationship and how by using this great law, you can reverse anything and everything in your life
Other highlights:
Take the 21-day challenge for healing your relationship
Be a part of powerful group meditation and blessings
Get individual free coaching sessions focused on your personal issues
Get a free relationship healing e-book with different ancient and scientific tools and techniques
Learn the powerful WWF-BR™ model with which you can create a deeply fulfilling and exceptionally loving relationship.
Learn the most unique and extremely powerful C-H-P-R™ communication framework.

The above is just a glimpse of the topics which will be covered in the sessions. The whole program remains experiential and laced with lot of exercise to make you feel the difference and change within you.



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  • Mastering Law of Attraction

  "All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them."

- Galileo Galilei

Objective and Mission of the program
To help the participants understand the deep concept of the “Law of Attraction” and to enable them with proper skills and knowledge to use it effectively to create a life of dreams.
As Galileo rightly said, all truths are easy to understand once they are discovered. The same goes with the law of attraction. This law was present precisely from the day this energetic universe was created. This universe at its deepest core is nothing but energy. That means whatever you see as a physical or hard substance, when you go deeper with a microscope, you will only find atoms, sub atomic particles and then energy vibrating at a frequency. This secret was told by our Great Sages and Saints and is now validated by Quantum Physics as well. Throughout our scriptures across time, space and religion, in different words, this law has been mentioned. If you happen to read the work of great scientists, musicians, artists, businessmen, politicians, and athletes, you will find the mention of this law everywhere. At the same time, all of us use this law in some way or another. At times for positive things, and often for negative things. This is one of the many laws of this universe and knowing this law, only helps us to deeply understand our own powers hidden within. This workshop aims to equip you with the deep fundamental understanding and tools to use it holistically and consciously in attracting your dreams, goals, wealth, health, life partner, work, and all that your heart desires for.
The whole workshop remains fully experiential combined with stories, videos, anecdotes, experiments, practical and group exercises, and much more. Also, many secrets of our spiritual wisdom and recent scientific research will be shared. The participants will go through many practice sessions of how to apply different tools and techniques.
Will be informed before the workshop
One full day (9:30am – 6:30pm)
If you have been open minded, willing to learn, and implemented the teachings, we guarantee, you will discover a new power within you to manifest all that you wish for.

Topics to be covered
What is law of attraction?
The basis of this law both scientifically and spiritually
What is energy? What is the role of energy in the universe?
Understanding how the universe functions?
Do human beings create energy?
Learn to feel energy and how energy is created – experience it practically
Learn physically to distinguish between good and bad energy with your hands
Understand deeply about the power of subconscious mind
Learn the powerful “Alpha state of mind” which is where manifestation takes place rapidly
Learn the process of creating holograms in manifesting your desires and goals
Understand the power of brain and heart in the process of attraction or manifestation
Understand the role of thoughts, emotions, beliefs in the process of attraction or manifestation
Discover what higher vibrations are and which emotional states cause it
Learn the role of different emotional states in helping us to attract or manifest
Experience physically what is energy and vibrations
Learn how to set goals which the brain understands
Learn the power of creative visualisation
Learn the power and tools of imagination combined with power of the heart
Learn to use the tools of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) in how to install goals in our brain and mind
Learn how to program ourselves physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually with what we desire
Learn the most important universal law without which it’s impossible to attract or manifest anything
Learn the most powerful mantra (energy words) which can expedite your process of manifestation by 100 times
These are only a few glimpses of what will be covered. The workshop remains very advanced in the content which is shared and it’s unparalleled in the world, except for a few ancient Sages, Saints or Spiritual Teachers teaching it. The whole workshop remains highly experiential and the participants will be handheld in forming their goals, installing in the brain, conditioning the body and mind for it, clearing the limiting beliefs from their conscious and subconscious minds, disintegrating the energy blocks within their system etc.
Also the participants will learn a very powerful meditation to generate a massive amount of “divine energy” which can expedite the process of manifestation or attraction 1000 times faster.
The workshop and content remains copyrighted and the information shared in the workshop is not allowed to be revealed outside.
Learn the powerful
RWWGA-WFT Framework for manifestation
BFTEE-WAK advanced Framework for manifestation

Whoever wishes to become a Blue Dot certified “Law of Attraction” coach can apply and if selected by the team, they can go through the 7-day certification program, post which they can take sessions, train and certify people on LOA. The certificate will be issued by Blue Dot. Do grab this opportunity – here is your chance to create a pipeline of secondary income which will be the source to fulfil your dreams and goals and make you financially and professionally independent in future.


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